JEE Main 2020 Scribe Facility: Know Complete Details Here

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More than 9 lakh aspirants have applied for the upcoming session of JEE Main. This is a national level examination for aspirants all across the country. Scribe facility for JEE Main aspirants is a provision whereby a writer is given to assist the visually challenged candidates during the exam. Scribes mark the answers as told by the visually challenged candidates.

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Scribe facility for JEE Main aspirants is granted to candidates who are visually impaired, have Dyslexia or have lost some fingers or hand. In such situations, it will be unfair to ban such candidates from giving the exam. Thus, to keep it fair, such candidates are assisted by a helper who operates on their behalf in filing the options over the computer screen.

To be able to avail this facility, it is important that applicants fill the disability section carefully while filling the application form only. Accordingly, they will be able to get the assistance of authority-provided scribe.

Scribe Facility for JEE Main Aspirants Guidelines

Scribe Facility for JEE Main

Not every disability is taken under consideration while providing scribe facility for JEE Main aspirants. You need to meet certain criteria before you can sit in the exam with a scribe. Following are the criteria-

  • Only visually challenged candidates can avail the scribe facility
  • You must be atleast 40% affected by the disability
  • A disability certificate from a competent body should be submitted

These guidelines are clearly stated in the official brochure for JEE Main. Hence, there cannot be any amendments in the rules. Aspirants should also note that under no circumstances are they allowed to bring their own scribe. This is completely in the hands of the centre superintendent to fix a suitable scribe for you who will follow your instructions to answer each question.

How will scribe facility benefit aspirants?

The role of a scribe is to sit with the aspirant throughout the duration of online exam. He/she will read the questions as they appear on the screen. Aspirants have to answer each question like all other aspirants which will be marked by the scribe as a final response.

Because of the special condition, an additional 1 hour is granted in such situations. This means JEE Main will be a 4-hour test for specially-abled aspirants. This additional 1 hour will be given to them, irrespective of whether they opt for scribe or not. At the end of this time, their exam will be automatically submitted.

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It should be noted that in addition to a scribe, there are no other changes for the specially-abled students. The marking scheme and the exam syllabus remains the same for them.

Note– If any candidate wants to meet the scribe, it is possible on their request a day before the exam. On meeting they can decide how comfortable the communication between them is. If they find the scribe unsatisfactory, they can request for a change.

You can contact the student helpline number of JEE Main in case of any additional information. These numbers are available 24*7. Following are the numbers-

  1. 1800 112211
  2. 18004253800

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