How to score 100% marks in Class 12th (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)

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Every year science students have a challenge to balance their board exams and JEE Main entrance. Both these exams are pivotal for the future career prospects. You need to be in the top 20 percentile of class 12th to be eligible for JEE Main. Hence, the experts have figured out how to score 100% marks in class 12th.

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The best part about class 12th science syllabus is that it forms the major portion of JEE Main exam questions. So, if you know how to score 100% marks in class 12th, you will definitely get advantage in the entrance. Only on clearing JEE Main, you become eligible for JEE Advanced. You must focus on a concept-based study rather than blindly learning the concepts. Read JEE Main syllabus here.

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There are mainly 3 subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics/Biology that you need to prepare to boost your class 12th score. The syllabus for all these subjects is vast and you need constant study to understand these topics. Majority of students join coaching centers which train them to score 100% marks in class 12th. Download JEE Main Preparation Tips.

Tips to score 100% marks in 12th board

  • Make revision notes-

As you study each chapter, you must make notes of the important points from each topic. This will help you in the revision phase when you will come back to the same chapters. In the last days of preparation, refer only to the notes and not the entire chapters.

  • Clear your doubts instantly-

While studying, there will be several instances where a concept will not be clear to you. You must talk to your teachers or class mates to clear the doubt without any delay. You should match up the speed of syllabus at your school or coaching centers.

Pro-tip: Practice 2-3 questions around that concept to know if you have really understood it.

  • Practice Sample Papers-

Practicing sample papers is very essential because it will give you a real-time understanding about your grasp over the topics. You must practice previous year questions and mock test to gain confidence over difficult subjects.

  • Join Coaching Center-

When you join a coaching center, you have a proper time table for your studies. There are numerous coaching centers around the country to chose from. You should always chose a coaching center which is near to your home. Here is a list of top 10 coaching centers for JEE Main which will also help you to score 100% marks in class 12th.


Subject-wise preparation


Score 100% marks in class 12th

For Mathematics

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice will give you the success in this examination.
  • Each and every time whenever you are are going to solve problem try to wrote down their methodologies, theorems and formulae applied in the problems.
  • Try to remember the basic understanding of the different models.
  • Before proceeding to prepare you need to review your mathematics syllabus.

For Physics

  • This is a tougher subject as compared to other subjects, hence devote more time
  • There are long derivations which you need to practice in written mode
  • Be through derivations and try to understand the subject well as it has significant value in boards an JEE Main.
  • Those who have not good numerical skills need to prepare Semiconductor, Atom and Nuclei, Dual nature of radiation, Communication System and EM Waves which carry 25 marks. Focus upon Optics which also carry 14 marks. Current and Electricity also contains 7 marks
  • You need to focus upon previous year question papers which will give you the idea about the difficulty level of question papers

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For Chemistry

  • Do not leave any topic untouched
  • Go through with NCERT books very deeply
  • Organic chemistry carries 18 marks while inorganic chemistry carries 52 marks
  • NCERT is enough to prepare for inorganic chemistry
  • Last 3 chapters carry 10 marks which are from Biomolecules, Polymer and Chemistry

For English

  • Reading is the key of success. Try to complete your syllabus 2-3 times before going to give examination
  • In NCERT books at the end of every topics a summary window; so try to evaluate yourself by this summary window
  • For poem section you need to focus upon parts of speech. Try to improve your vocab skills and as well as writing skills

A part from this:

  • Completing syllabus on time will give the success that mean you win half of the game
  • Don’t miss your regular classes, try to complete your projects, practicals and assignments on time which is assigned by you subjects teacher from your schools
  • Always starts from the basics and go towards the advanced level
  • First complete a older topics then go with the news topics
  • For numerical question always try to solve 5-10 questions every day
  • Last 3 months are only for revision; don’t try to prepare a new topics
  • 90% question are directly asked from the NCERT books in the board examination
  • On the examination day try attempt easier question first; once you solve all the questions whose answer you knows very well
  • Those who have biology subjects need to practice more and more to draw flowcharts, diagrams and cycles

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