Quick Preparation Tips for JEE Main 2019. What should you do ?

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JEE Main admit card has been released and the exam is not even 1 month away. This is the time when you need quick preparation tips for JEE Main. To be eligible for the exam, you need to be in 20 percentile of class 12th. This implies that your preparation begins from school time itself. Quick preparation tips will help you learn more in lesser time, thereby, improving your JEE Main result.

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For the better preparation of exam, you need toppers’ guidelines as well which will guide you through thick and thin of the exam. By choosing right kind of strategy students can clear the entrance exam successfully. Get quick preparation tips through this article and score more than 270+.

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JEE Main will be completely online from 2019 and there are possibilities that many of you might feel uncomfortable with the exam pattern. Hence, NTA has setup Test Practice Centers (TPCs) all across the country which provide free practice tests to aspirants. These TPCs will help you to understand the exam pattern and get comfortable with the new format. Read complete study material here.

JEE Main Quick Preparation Tips

Preparation varies from student to student. However, there are some quick preparation tips which everyone can follow, irrespective of their planning strategy-

Time Management

Students have to make a time table and make sure they strictly follow it so, that they can complete the syllabus within a stipulated time period. Students must divide time on the basis of difficulty level of questions so that they will be able to finish it.


IIT PAL Lectures

Online video lectures are released by NTA and faculty of IIT Delhi, Mumbai to provide assistance to students and make them exam ready. You can access IIT PAL Lectures using internet or DTH service from even remotest corners.


After completing the whole syllabus, revision is a must. For revision, nothing is better than the NCERT books. These books are written in simple language and are easy to understand which help students in concept clarity.


Practice previous year papers

By solving previous year papers students will come to know about the difficulty level of the paper, type of questions asked, and marking scheme. By practicing these papers, you will know about your weak areas and work on preparation accordingly.

Take mock tests regularly

You must practice time-bound tests. Regularly practice of these mock tests helps students to increase their speed of solving questions which ultimately boost their confidence. Students can learn shortcuts and techniques to save the time which increases their efficiency of solving questions.

Last Month Do’s and Don’ts at the time of Preparation

With JEE Main only 1 month away, here are some tips that you should add to your schedule to make the best use of this time. You can either utilize this time or waste it by adopting the wrong strategy. Below are some quick preparation tips which talk about do’s and dont’s for JEE Main 2019-


  • You must build your own shortcuts and ways for solving problems. They should try solving as many questions as you can
  • Do not compare your performance with other students. Try to approach shortcut methods which will help you
  • You must not ignore your health. Exercising or meditation on the regular basis will help you to increase concentration
  • Study at least 12 hours every day and keep a mobile phone on switch off mode
  • Opt for group studies as you can understand more topics in lesser time with this approach


  • You should not try to attempt long or complicated questions in the last month
  • Do not waste time on the topics that are totally new
  • Do not spend time with the people having a low motivation to clear JEE
  • Keep away from all the electronic devices such as mobile phones, TV etc because better preparation needs concentration
  • Do not start studying from all the books. Always choose the book which comprises the entire syllabus
So, follow these quick preparation tips to re-work on your strategies and utilize the crucial time in the best possible manner. Your JEE Main result will be improved significantly when you follow these tips wisely.

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