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JEE Main exam pattern has been same for the last 5 years. In such a situation, you must go through previous years question papers to understand the exam pattern. You must practice JEE Main previous year question papers to get an idea of the important sections and their weightage. The question paper has various sets, and in this article you will get all the sets of question papers from 2018 to 2014.

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In addition to question papers, you also require important formulas for JEE Main which will simplify your preparation. Using the right preparation tips and the important formulas can dramatically improve your score.

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JEE Main Study material

JEE Main is a national level examination witnessing more than 2 lakh aspirants every year. The syllabus is vast and the competition is high. So, naturally you require strategies and toppers’ guidance to plan the best preparation. Toppers insist on keeping the focus on NCERT books because majority of questions in JEE Main are asked from class 12th books. Instead of wasting your time on books from all sources, chose the right study material. Download the best study material from here.

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JEE Main Previous year question papers (2017)

Here are JEE Main 2017 question papers for all the dates and sets as they were conducted. You can click on the desired set to see the details.

Paper I
Exam Date Set/Exam Date
02.04.2017 Set A 
02.04.2017 Set B
02.04.2017 Set C
02.04.2017 Set D
08.04.2017 Physics
08.04.2017 Chemistry
08.04.2017 Mathematics
09.04.2017 Physics
09.04.2017 Chemistry
09.04.2017 Mathematics

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers

Paper II
Set W
Set X
Set Y
Set Z

JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers (2016)

2016 JEE Main question paper along with sample papers are listed below. You can click on the links to practice the test papers before you appear for JEE Main 2019.

Exam Date Set/Exam Date
03.04.2016 Set E
03.04.2016 Set F
03.04.2016 Set G
03.04.2016 Set H
09.04.2016 Sample Paper I
10.04.2016 Sample paper II

JEE Main previous year question papers (2015)

4 sets of JEE Main question papers 2015 are mentioned below. You can access all the sets by clicking on them. They will help you to know your strong and weak sections.

Exam Date Set/Exam Date
04.04.2015 SET A
04.04.2015 SET B
04.04.2015 SET C
04.04.2015 SET D
10.04.2015 Sample Paper 1
11.04.2015 Sample Paper 2

JEE Main previous year question papers (2014)

Below are the JEE Main 2014 question papers along with 4 sample papers. You must practice them in a time-bound manner and match your responses with the answer key.

Paper I

Exam Dates Set/Subjects
06.04.2014 Set E
06.04.2014 Set F
06.04.2014 Set G
06.04.2014 Set H
09.04.2014 Sample paper I
11.04.2014 Sample Papers II
12.04.2014 Sample Paper III
19.04.2014 Sample Paper IV


Paper II
Set K
Set L
Set M
Set N

Download FITJEE previous year question papers

Various coaching centers have their in-house question papers based on the trends of JEE Main question paper. FITJEE is one such premier institute whose question papers have helped students to prepare well for the exam.


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