JEE Main preparation: Use different approach for January and April session

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With the release of admit card, JEE Main aspirants have become even more serious for January session. JEE Main will be a completely online test from 2019. So, you must have the right tips to improve your JEE Main result. As the exam pattern has changed, your JEE Main preparation strategy should also be updated accordingly.

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As JEE Main will be conducted twice a year from 2019, you will not have to drop a year to re-appear in the exam. NTA has released important exam dates for both sessions. You can appear for any 1 or both the sessions. Better of the 2 scores will be considered for preparing the merit list. So, you cannot stick to previous year JEE Main preparation strategy for this year as well.

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Things to keep in mind for JEE Main preparation

JEE Main is the 1st step to pursue career in the field of engineering. You must clear this entrance exam to be eligible for JEE Advanced which grants admission into IITs. However, students find it difficult to prepare for boards and JEE Main together. To succeed in both exams, below are some tips:

  • You have to start your preparation from class 12th
  • JEE Main syllabus comprises class 11th and 12th NCERT syllabus
  • Between the January and April session, you have to balance Boards as well
  • JEE Main preparation is incomplete without practicing sample papers
  • Do not mistake that there is a lot of time between the 2 sessions
  • You have to give your best shot to January attempt
  • Consider December only for revision of the syllabus

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JEE Main preparation for January and April

JEE Main January session

JEE Main January session will be conducted between January 6 and 20, 2019. As you begin your JEE Main preparation for January session, you will need toppers’ guidelines for effective time utilization. In January, you also have your pre-board examinations. For this, you need to dedicate yourself completely so that your board exam preparation is taken care of. In February, you will appear for your board practical examinations. These exams have a significant value in calculation of your final board scores. So, you need to maintain a balance between JEE Main and practical exams.

For the January session, your JEE Main preparation should be focused more on NCERT books. This will help you in preparing for your board examinations at the same time. Make sure you make sufficient notes by December so that you can revise easily from the notes.

Key points for January JEE Main preparation-

  • Do not read entire books while preparing for the exam
  • Make clear notes for every chapter and refer to them
  • Go through IIT PAL Lectures started by NTA for all aspirants
  • Do not leave any topic untouched because questions can be asked from anywhere

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JEE Main Study Material

JEE Main preparation depends a lot on the kind of study material you refer to. While preparing for the 1st JEE Main session, you will come across a lot of study material but only the right ones will benefit you. Your primary focus should be on NCERT books and after that you should read other study material for JEE Main preparation.

JEE Main April session

JEE Main April session will be conducted between April 6 and 20, 2019. By JEE Main April session, most of you will be done with your board examinations. Thus, you can give full time to JEE Main preparation without worrying about the board pressure. Read detailed analysis of previous year questions here.

When you will prepare for the exam, you will have a good idea about your strong and weak subjects. Also, you will have an experience of CBT exam from the January attempt. For this attempt, you must consider the following JEE Main preparation strategy-

  • Start revising your weaker subjects
  • Do not begin by revising entire syllabus once again
  • Do written practice of the sections which you could not prepare well
  • Focus on attempting maximum mock tests
  • Do not compare your January preparation with this attempt as you are way more prepared

Thus, with the change in exam pattern, your preparation plan and time management also needs to change. It is best to prepare completely for the January attempt because most of the students will take it as a practice test. You should take April attempt as only an improvement test. If you have already dropped a year for JEE Main, you need to train your mind for the January exam as your final attempt to maximize your chances of succeeding.

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