How is JEE Main Percentile Calculated?

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JEE Main will undergo a complete change from 2019. In addition to being completely online, JEE Main will now be conducted twice in a year for admission to 1 academic session. JEE Main exam dates for both sessions have been released by the conducting authority. JEE Main Percentile will be calculated according to score Normalization process to ensure equality between aspirants. After the conclusion of April session, JEE Main Percentile will be revealed for JEE (Advanced) entrance.

Note- You can check JEE Main result only online at the official site of NTA

JEE Main Percentile is different from absolute scores. It will be calculated on additional aspects like groundwork of the position listing, inter-se-merit guiding principles. Check below the procedure of JEE Main Score Normalization; how scores are premeditated to allocate the positions.

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In view of the fact that JEE Main 2019 will be conducted on diverse days and sessions, the issue of retaining correspondence amid the dissimilar sets of question papers appears to the forefront. It is expected that some aspirants will get a difficult paper while some may get a simple one.

To make certain that no candidate is at an inconvenience or, advantage from this, normalization of the marks gained in JEE Main 2019 will be made compulsory for the reason of standing. NTA will grade students on the strength of their percentile scores that will be counted as indicated by a fixed method.

What is the JEE Main Percentile Score?

Percentile scores are comparative score of all those aspirants who appear for the test. JEE Main Percentile score will be obtained after converting the scores into a degree ranging from 100 to 0 for each one session of examinees. Percentile Score demonstrates the percentage of candidates who have achieved equivalent to or less than a specific percentile in an examination. It is the standardized score and not the raw marks.

After normalization, every topper of a session will obtain the similar percentile of 100 which is the appropriate one. Also, the scores between the lowest and highest ones are altered to relevant percentiles. As the computation is for each session, all the uppermost raw scores will have normalized Percentile Score of 100 for their individual sessions.

Preparation of JEE Main 2019 Result for each session

  • Step 1: Preparation of the Raw Scores
    • The marks attained by each candidate for every right answer for all subjects (Math, Physics, and Chemistry) will be added to get there at the raw scores
  • Step 2: The Percentile Scores for each of the subject and total percentile score will be prepared

Formula to calculate JEE Main percentile

You can calculate the overall JEE Main percentile as well as the score in individual subjects. JEE Main percentile can be calculated by each candidate using the formula mentioned below.

Total Percentile (T1P) = 100 × No. of candidates from 1 session with raw score ≤ T1P score ÷ Total candidates in the session

Mathematics Percentile (M1P) = 100 × No. of candidates from 1 session with raw score ≤ M1P score ÷ Total candidates in the session

Physics Percentile (P1P) = 100 × No. of candidates from 1 session with raw score ≤ P1P score ÷ Total candidates in the session

Chemistry Percentile (C1P) = 100 × No. of candidates from 1 session with raw score ≤ C1P score ÷ Total candidates in the session

Inter-se-merit to resolve tie:

While two or more candidates get identical Percentile Scores then ranking will be as follows:

  • Candidates who get Percentile Score in Mathematics will be ranked higher
  • Candidates who get Percentile Score in Physics will be ranked higher
  • Candidates who get Percentile Score in Chemistry will be ranked higher
  • According to the Date of Birth, the older candidate will be ranked higher
  • If the tie is yet unsettled, the similar position will be given to the candidates

JEE Main 2019 Rank list

The grade record for JEE Main 2019 will be declared subsequent to both January and April attempts are assessed for candidates who have appeared in both the exams.

First attempt compilation of JEE Main Scores:

Following the JEE Main, Session 1 will terminate in January, the end result will be announced on January 3, 2019. IT will present the four JEE Main scores – meant for all of the three subjects (Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry) and the Total NTA score for that attempt. JEE Main scores will be the percentile scores considered as stated before.

Second attempt compilation of JEE Main Scores:

The scores will yet again be calculated for the total and that of the three subjects separately as mentioned for the initial attempt.

The position or merit list will be accumulated as follows:

  • For the candidates, who have appeared for both the sessions, the better of the two JEE Main scores will be utilized. Here the overall JEE Main score will be taken for ranking function and not those of the subjects
  • If you have attempted only one exam, the four JEE Main scores of that attempt will be taken for  preparation of the merit list
  • The concluding JEE Main scores will be used to position candidates and JEE Main 2019 result. If there is any tie, the inter-se-merit principles pointed out before in this piece will be used to decipher it

JEE Main 2019 Rank Declaration

  • The position received as publicized above will be employed for the reason of admittances to NITs, IIITs and GFTIs
  • JEE Main 2019 All India grade and All India Category Rank will be announced on April 30 after the JEE Main II NTA scores are amassed

How the JEE Main 2019 scores for Paper 2 will be calculated

  • Raw marks for the primary effort will be publicized on January 31, 2019, for students who have appeared for the exam conducted in January
  • The authentic marks for the April exam will be declared on April 30 for those who have appeared for the same
  • JEE Main Paper 2 marks will not be regularized as the test will be conducted in a distinct shift, therefore there will be no query of correspondence of the question papers and disparity in complexity stages

Preparation for the Rank List of JEE Main 2019 Paper II

  • The non-analyzed marks for both attempts will be taken into consideration for applicants who have appeared in both the attempts and the better of the marks will be judged
  • For those who have taken only one attempt, the rough marks gained for the same will be used
  • Position lists will be organized as indicated by the marks obtained as stated above

Inter-se-Merit will be prepared as follows:

  • Candidates who attain more marks in the Aptitude Test will be positioned higher
  • If the tie is not settled, those who have scored more marks in Drawing Test will be given the higher position
  • The older candidate will be given the higher rank
  • If the tie is still unsettled, candidates will be given the similar rank

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