Extramarks IIT-JEE App is Set to Make Online Test Preparation Simple

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With the widespread popularity and competition of JEE, Extramarks IIT-JEE App launched by Extramarks Education India is set to help students prepare for the exam and provide a more holistic understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.

JEE Main (Joint Entrance Examination) will be completely shifted to online mode from the upcoming 2019-20 session while JEE Advanced is also conducted now in CBT mode. Previously conducted by CBSE, the exam will now be organized by National Testing Agency (NTA).

The application comes preloaded with several features that contribute in making it a highly reliable and efficient tool. To begin with, the app contains a humongous number of questions developed by subject matter experts and ex-faculty members with a proven track record.

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Extramarks IIT-JEE App Feature Highlights

Extramarks IIT-JEE app has conformed itself to match IIT JEE Syllabus and guidelines in a manner which allows users to gain a more realistic experience of the exams atmosphere. This gives users a substantial idea of what to expect when they finally sit down for the exam.

Atul Kulshrestha, chairman and Managing Director at Extramarks stated, “Experts and educators with proven test records have been brought on board to create and curate practice and mock test papers. We’ve been very meticulous while shaping our IIT-JEE app, keeping up with the current changes and needs,” when asked about the proficiency and effectiveness of the app.


One of the most impressive features of this app is the National Level Weekly Test Series conducted by Extramarks. As the name clearly suggests, these tests are organized on a weekly basis where users can participate from anywhere in the country. All candidates are ranked on the national level basis. This gives the students a rough idea of where they stand and how much extra work they need to put in.

Another addition that attracts most users is the amount of valuable information and content the app possesses and distributes for no additional cost. When asked for the application’s feedback, a Google user made the following comment, “Must use app! Free content but worth its weight in gold!”.

All the users can browse chapter-wise practice tests in different subjects on the Extramarks IIT-JEE app. After analyzing their weaknesses and strengths, users can selectively study and work on the chapters where they are lagging behind. This also allows students to excel in the subjects and chapters they have already mastered.

The application gives users access to detailed performance analysis based on Practice tests and National Level Weekly tests. This does not only help students to revise JEE Syllabus but also allows them to judge and reflect upon their current state of preparation.

JEE Main is among the most rated exam in the country and  therefore is a constant cause of stress and anxiety among students. Cracking the exam grants students admission to the most prestigious Engineering colleges like IIT’s and NIT’s.

Extramarks IIT-JEE App is designed professionally to make the process easier for students by equipping them with the necessary information while mentally preparing them for the exam. The app is packed with extensive and in-depth real time reports based on students’ performances. Backed by AI and Data Analytics, these reports will deliver great insights into the preparation and planning required for candidates.

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