NTA Launches Official JEE Main Mock Test, TPC Registration Also Starts

JEE Main is all set to be conducted by NTA from 2019. The premier engineering test will be conducted twice a year only in online mode. With the beginning of online registration, NTA has also launched official JEE Main Mock Test as well as started the registration for the TPCs (Test Practice Centers).

No major changes in the exam pattern and mode of conducting exam are expected in the first session of JEE Main scheduled from January 06, 2019 to January 20, 2019. However, many students are still at odds with the scrapping of pen and paper based test. NTA and MHRD on their part feel that online mode will offer greater transparency in the way these tests are conducted. With the introduction of machine learning, there will be better assessment of candidates in future.

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Nonetheless, responding to the fears of many aspirant, NTA has established a dedicated countrywide network of practice centers with major focus in remote areas. They have also launched the online mock test to offer better preparation and greater familiarity with the online test mode. The TPC will allow candidates to attempt mock papers in online format, at no cost. The primary focus to have TPCs is to give hands on experience of CBT to students living in remote and rural areas.


The mock test papers are available in English, Hindi and Gujarati languages. JEE aspirants can get access to mock test without any kind of prior registration. A student having computer with internet facility can simply click on the mock test link provided on the JEE Main 2019 official website to attempt the test. They can also download the questions for later practice in offline mode.

JEE Main Mock Test

TPC Registration Begins

Student registration for TPC begun from September 1, 2018 on the official website of NTA, www.nta.ac.in. Students can even register through “NTA Student” App available at ‘Play Store’. Students must do registration as per schedule provided on the website.


Starting from September 8, 2018 the TCPs are now functional and will be operative on all Saturdays and Sundays. There shall be one slot for Saturday (from 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs) and two slots for Sunday (11:00 to 14:00 Hrs and 14:30 to 17:30 Hrs). The final allotment to a TPC will be done automatically on the basis of students’ population in that particular area. The students shall be informed about the final allotment of a TPC one day before the scheduled date.

TPC Registration Process

For JEE Main 2019 TPC registration, candidates must visit the official website of NTA and begin registration by clicking on the link Student Registration (Test Center Practice).



  1. On clicking the link, students will be required to sign in through either Gmail ID or Facebook ID. On signing in with any of the two accounts, candidates can proceed ahead to register for TPC. On successful signing in students must follow some steps to complete the registration.
  2. Fill up personal details such as first name, last name, date of birth, etc. After filling up the mandatory information, click the “NEXT” button to proceed.
  3. Provide information details such as functional email ID, address, city, pin code and then click on the “NEXT” button again. The next page will ask for academic details such as year of completion of last degree, class 10th and class 12th mark sheet details.
  4. The final page of registration seeks information on number of attempts for JEE Main exams.
  5. After providing all the required details carefully, proceed to submit the information.

During the registration process, the most important thing is to select any five test centers from the list of TPCs provided on the website. Make sure to choose centers that are in your proximity and check for the route as well as commutation facility to each of the centre selected by you. On selecting the centers, select a date falling on Saturdays or Sundays in the month of September. Finally, submit the details and take a printout or screenshot of the confirmation.


NTA had announced for the establishment of 3000 TPCs which is a clear indication of how the test agency aims at making JEE Main more inclusive. Attempting mock test through TPC or your personal computer will enable JEE aspirants to get over all kinds of suspicions, giving them a better idea of process of answering in a CBT. The novel mock tests will offer practical knowledge and insight into what they have prepared so far, time management and where they currently stand.

How to score 100% marks in Class 12th (Physics, Chemistry and Maths)

Preparing for board exam along with JEE Main is the biggest competition for every students. Everybody knows that board exam plays an important role for upcoming future. Focused preparation and consistently practice will give you success in the board exam. So in this article you will get complete information about how to score 100% marks in Class 12th along with JEE Main Preparation.

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As you all know; no body learn from their birth and no body have enough well known knowledge about all subjects. Every body have their own areas where they have good knowledge. Apart from this Candidates need a proper guidance and hard work for preparation which will promote them towards the success.

Tips to score 100% marks in 12th board

Download JEE Main Preparaton Tips

Don’t take stress while preparing

Every body takes tension and very nervous before the examination. If you take a little bit tension that will boost your preparation but if you make a habit of taking tension in every situation either it will be handlebar or not then it may affect your preparation.

Be positive

Always keep your self positive which is the key of success. If you have these type of property then it will build and increase your confidence level because you think that you can easily solve and get success in board exam.

Subject wise preparation

For English

  • Reading, reading and reading is the key of success. Try to complete your syllabus 2-3 times before going to give examination.
  • In NCERT books at the end of every topics a summary window; so try to evaluate yourself by this summary window.
  • For poem section you need to focus upon parts of speech. Try to improve your vocab skills and as well as writing skills.

100 Marks

For Accounting

  • Practice a lot of numerical question.
  • Try to solve last 5 year question papers because most of the time these question are directly asked in the examination.
  • Focus upon your calculation because it makes a big difference those who have good command over calculation can solve it easily.
  • Learn every single topics formula.
  • Try to remember theory of accounts.

For Mathematics

  • Practice, Practice, and Practice will give you the success in this examination.
  • Each and every time whenever you are are going to solve problem try to wrote down their methodologies, theorems and formulae applied in the problems.
  • Try to remember the basic understanding of the different models.
  • Before proceeding to prepare you need to review your mathematics syllabus.

For Physics

  • The only subjects which may be tougher as compared to others. Every body thinks that it is quite tougher. But I think by smart preparation you will easily tackle this subjects and it is very interesting subjects.
  • If you are not good in this subjects so try to prepare yourself for this subjects because if you may fail to prepare very well in this subjects it will affect your result.
  • Those who have not good numerical skills need to prepare Semiconductor, Atom and Nuclei, Dual nature of radiation, Communication System and EM Waves which carry 25 marks. Focus upon Optics which also carry 14 marks. Current and Electricity also contains 7 marks.
  • You need to focus upon previous year question papers which will give you the idea about the difficulty level of question papers.

For Chemistry

  • Need to prepare each and every topics.
  • Need to go through with NCERT books.
  • It is a scoring subject. Where 18 marks carry organic chemistry and 52 marks from the inorganic chemistry.
  • NCERT is enough to prepare for inorganic chemistry.
  • Last three chapters carry 10 marks which are from Biomolecules, Polymer and Chemistry.

For Business studies

  • As everybody thinks that it can be easily tackle but it is not easier as we think. Scoring 100 marks in this subjects is not easy. Usually students forget the topics after some time of the preparation.
  • Continuously practice will give you the key of success.
  • Note down the important points.
  • APPS (Advertising, Personal Selling, Public Relations ,Sales Promotion) Focus upon acronyms.

For Economics

  • Usually students try to learn it by heart or trying rote learning. So we recommend to all of you that don’t go with this approach and try to go with understanding of the basic concept.
  • Try to find out your weak areas and work upon those weak areas and improve them.
  • Select only one reference book and try to finish it atleast 2-3 times in a day.
  • Don’t try more than one books for preparation because it can create confusion; if you go through with more solution for a single subjects.

A part from this:

  • Completing syllabus on time will give the success that mean you win half of the game.
  • Don’t miss your regular classes, try to complete your projects, practicals and assignments on time which is assigned by you subjects teacher from your schools.
  • Always starts from the basics and go towards the advanced level. First complete a older topics then go with the news topics.
  • For numerical question always try to solve 5-10 questions every day.
  • Last three month is only for revision; don’t try to prepare a new topics on this time because you syllabus is too vast.
  • 90% question are directly asked from the NCERT books in the board examination.
  • On the examination day try attempt easier question first; once you solve all the questions whose answer you knows very well.
  • Those who have biology subjects need to practice more and more to draw florcharts, diagrams and cycles.


What should be the preparation strategy for JEE Main from Oct to Jan?

JEE Main 2019 is scheduled from Jan 6, 2019 to Jan 20, 2019 for Jan session exam and from April 6, 2019 to April 20, 2019 for online exam, and there are less than four months remaining for the preparation. So, students have to make a strategic plan for exam preparation which helps them to achieve a better outcome. Students have to plan in such a way that they will be able to cover the entire syllabus. In this article your will get detailed preparation strategy for remaining time frame.

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Questions in the JEE exam will be asked from the subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The examination will be held in English and Hindi language. Students can utilize the remaining days for quick revision and take lots of mock tests.

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While preparing, students can take help from the subject experts to eliminate their doubts regarding any topic. If students fail to clear the exam then they have to bear the loss of the entire year. Students can plan three phases of 30 days each that will cover the whole syllabus.

Preparation Plan for JEE: Month-wise


The first 30 days are very crucial and must be used for revision. After checking the syllabus and identifying the important chapter, students must plan subject-wise revision with the help of subject experts. This revision ensures a better understanding of the concepts which requires better time management skills.


Students should plan for preparation in such a way that they get efficient time for taking mock tests on lines of JEE (Main) and JEE (Advanced). Students should analyze paper in such a way that they should check the mistakes and avoid repeating them in actual. For topic-wise revision, students are advised to join a crash course.


Students should use days between consecutive board exams for preparation of both board exams and entrance exams. They should make a systematic revision plan which involves testing concept-wise and chapter-wise along with several mock tests from reliable resources as per current pattern of JEE.Preparation Strategy

Preparation Plan for JEE: Week Wise

Before start preparing for the examination, it is very important for the students to make a daily schedule. Following is the every month week-wise study plan:

October week-wise Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st week Physics  Units & Dimension
Chemistry Solid States & Atomic Structure
Mathematics Binomial Theorem
2nd week Physics Current Electricity
Chemistry Solution and Colligative Properties
Mathematics Differential Calculus
3rd week Physics Electro-Magnetism
Chemistry Electrochemistry & Chemical Kinetics
Mathematics Coordinate Geometry
4th week Physics Work    Energy power & Gravitation
Chemistry S & P block
Mathematics Matrix & Determinants

November week-wise Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st week Physics Geometrical Optics & Wave Optics
Chemistry Chemical Bonding’s & Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Mathematics Integral Calculus
2nd week Physics Heat Transfer
Chemistry D & F block
Mathematics Integral Calculus
3rd week Physics Atoms & Nuclei
Chemistry Alcohol, Phenol &Ether
Mathematics Quadratic Equation
4th week Physics Properties of Matter and Fluid
Chemistry Stereo Isomerism & Bio-molecules
Mathematics Permutation & Combination

December week-wise Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st week Physics Kinematics
Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday life & Polymers
Mathematics Trigonometry
2nd week Physics Wave Optics
Chemistry Hydro Carbons & Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Mathematics Sequence & Series
3rd week Physics SHM & Sound Waves
Chemistry Hydrogen & Purification of Organic Chemistry
Mathematics Vector & 3D
4th week Physics Modern Physics
Chemistry General Process of Isolation of Metals
Mathematics Probability

Preparation Plan for JEE: Topic Wise Weight-age

JEE exam covers 40% of the syllabus from 11th standard and 60% syllabus from the 12th standard. The topic-wise weight-age of each subject for JEE Main is given below:

Chemistry Physics Mathematics
Topics Weight-age Topics Weight-age Topics Weight-age
Organic Chemistry 34% Mechanics 25% Differential Calculus 15.20%
Inorganic Chemistry 30% Electro Dynamics 22.58% Probability 7.26%
Physical Chemistry 36% Heat and Thermodynamics 12.90% Integral Calculus 16.94%
Modern Physics 18.55% Matrix Determinants 11.29%
Optics 14.52% Coordinate Geometry 14.52%
SHM & Waves 6.45% Trigonometry 8.06%

Best Books for JEE Main Preparation

Only solving NCERT books for examination preparation is not sufficient because the examination syllabus may look similar but the pattern and level of questions differ in some or other way. Questions asked in the entrance exam involves multiple concepts and generally of higher difficulty level.

But buying right study material is the main task. If we talking about the best books for JEE Main preparation they are listed below:


  • H.C Verma for JEE Physics
  • DC Pandey for Class 11th and 12th Physics
  • Pradeep’s fundamental for Physics.


  • R.D. Sharma
  • Arihant for Algebra and Differential Calculus
  • SL Loney for Trigonometry
  • ML Khanna for IIT Mathematics
  • IA Marron for basic concepts   


  • Organic Chemistry – O.P Tandon
  • Inorganic Chemistry – J.D Lee
  • Physical Chemistry – R.C Mukherjee

Important Points during the examination

Following are some points that students must keep in mind before start examination preparation:

  • By practising solving JEE level questions students can increase their speed of solving problems using time management techniques.
  • Students should start solving mock tests which give them a fair idea about the pattern of questions, marking scheme and paper difficulty level.
  • Students should focus on their weak areas and improve their concepts
  • To practise JEE level questions is mandatory because it improves students reasoning and analytical ability. This helps students to familiarise with the type of questions asked in the paper.
  • During practice, students are advised to take short breaks of five to ten minutes after every one or two hours of serious study.


Top 10 Coaching Centers for JEE Main Preparation

JEE Main Application form correction is going on, candidates who had done mistakes in their application form can correct it. Coaching is necessary for the JEE Main Preparation. JEE Main is one of the most important exam conducted for admission to various B.Tech/B.E and B.Arch courses and considering the idea of a coaching center may seem viable but without necessary means and knowledge, even the best of coaching center and hard work can go in vain. With the increase in the number of CFTI’s participating and also a spurt in the number of eligible candidates to be shortlisted for the exam, it is no doubt that the competition is going to be tough. Here we are listing top 10 coaching centers for JEE Main Preparation.

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JNew UpatesEE Main Application Form correction has started from Oct 8, 2018. To edit JEE Main Application Form. Click here

Top 10 Coaching Centers For JEE Main Preparation

Coaching Centers Area
Allen Institute Kota, Rajasthan
Vibrant Academy Kota Rajasthan
FIITJEE South Delhi
Sri Chaitanya and Narayana Institute Hyderabad
Resonance Institute Kota Rajasthan
Vidyamandir Classes New Delhi
Super 30 Institute Patna
IITians Pace Mumbai
Aakash Institute New Delhi
Motion IIT JEE Kota Rajasthan

The right amount of dedication and time investment can really weep good results in the paper even if a candidate decides to go for the coaching classes or relies on self studies.

Coaching Centers

Important Highlights of JEE Main

JEE Main conducting body Central Board of Secondary Education
JEE Main official website www.jeemain.nic.in
Exam Held Twice every Year
Exam Level All India Level
Exam Type Under Graduate
Number of Papers 2
Candidates to Appear 11.5 lac
Qualifying Rate in JEE Main 72%

Important Exam Dates JEE Main 2019

Release of JEE Main Notification September 1, 2018
Release of JEE Main Application Form September 1, 2018
Last date to fill JEE Main Application Form September 30, 2018
JEE Main  Application Form Correction Window October 8, 2018 to October 14, 2018
JEE Main  Admit Card will be issued on December 17, 2018
JEE Main 1 Exam Date Jan 6, 2019 to Jan 20, 2019
JEE Main 2 Exam Date April 6, 2019 to April 20, 2019
JEE Main 1 Result January 31, 2019
JEE Main 2 Result April 30, 2019
Announcement of Top 2,24,000 Candidates To be notified
Declaration of JEE Main All India Ranks Before or on June 30, 2019

JEE Main Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to fulfill the under mentioned eligibility criteria to appear for JEE Main exam:

Age Limit: Candidate must have been on or before October 1st, 1993 to be eligible for JEE Main exam. However, there is 5% Relaxation for reserved category students

Academic Qualification: Candidates passing the 12th class examination or equal with at least 5 subjects are eligible for the exam.

No of Attempts: Candidate can give JEE Main exam for 3 times and it can be attempted twice in a consecutive year.

JEE Main Exam Pattern

It is very important for the candidates to be thorough with the exam pattern to plan out their preparation and give priorities to the topics. Here is a brief of JEE Main Exam Pattern

  • There are 90 multiple choice questions in Paper 1 and 82 MCQ as well as subjective questions in Paper 2
  • Exam is held in online as well as offline mode
  • Paper 1 is divided into 3 sections Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics and Paper 2 is divided into Aptitude Test, Mathematics, and Drawing test.
  • Time allotted for the paper is 3 hours
  • 4 marks are awarded for every correct answer and 1 mark is deducted for every answer attempted wrong.
  • Maximum marks a candidate can score in Paper 1 are 360 and in Paper 2 are 390.

According to a recent study, as much as 52% of JEE Mains qualified candidates were those who relied on self-study to crack the entrance exam.

  1. share of candidates cracking JEE exam with the help of coaching classes was 48%, less as compared to self study data.

Candidates can rely on their self studies as much as they can on the coaching centers depending upon their study schedule and concentration levels.

Preparation Tips to crack JEE Main easily

Candidates must not leave any stone unturned when it comes to preparation and preparing for the exam. Here are a few tips to keep you light on the mind.

  • Attempting the exam in sequence would help in securing essential marks and The idea is to ensure to solve fact based questions first and then move on to those involving calculations.
  • Prepare a subject-wise checklist to revise or to practice
  • Attempt a full length test paper every alternate day i.e. a minimum of 2-3 question paper before the main exam.
  •  Make sure you analyze your attempts, the rights and the wrongs and the reason for the misses.
  • Candidates should keep in mind the sections and topics where he/she can score maximum marks and scoring good marks are certainly possible with the appropriate strategy.
  • Avoid late night studies and do not forget to keep a watch on your diet. Have your food on time
  • Always engage yourself in light, freehand exercise and relax for some time.


JEE Main Preparation Plan for upcoming five months

For the preparation of JEE Main exam, it is not important to join a coaching institute or a preparation of 1 or 2 years, but a smart and strict study plan, it is easy to score 250 plus score in JEE Main just in 5 months of the Preparation. Here you will get the important JEE Main preparation plan for upcoming five months, how you need to go for upcoming months.

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The student must follow certain condition for getting 250 plus score in 5 Months.

  1. Student should be familiar with JEE Main Syllabus.
  2. Student will have to know the difference between JEE Main and JEE Advance exam.
  3. Student should be focused and full of the confidence (I am best in the world).
  4. Student should know the boundary line (the difference between Main and Advance preparation).

It is very important to create a preparation plan as 5 month is a short period and cannot be considered as enough time for the normal preparation. Thus need arise to develop a smart approach and know our strength (Over weakness) and for this student will need a mind set that student can prepare for JEE Main 2019 in 5 months then no one can stop student from getting success in the upcoming exam.

JEE Main Preparation Plan

JEE Main Preparation plan for upcoming five months

Here we are discussing about the preparation tips:

Subject Priority for JEE Main 2019 Preparation

Student should work hard on chemistry and mathematics rather than physics, considering subject priority work on the factor of Input and output where input indicates the time spent on education and output indicates the knowledge student gain in that interval of time.

How to prepare Chemistry for JEE Main 2019

For Chemistry section student must follow the NCERT books (class 11 and 12) blindly. Student do not need to go anywhere apart from the NCERT books because these books are more than sufficient for JEE Main Exam. As per an analysis every year 90 percent question in JEE Main are taken directly from NCERT, thus student must focus on the NCERT books and revise them as much student can.

For the Physical and Organic chemistry numerical practice, a book named “Universal Self Scorer” is highly advised as for numerical practice it is JEE Main oriented book and the student must make short notes after the completion of every chapter for the revision time.

How to prepare Mathematics for JEE Main 2019?

For mathematics, every student should first and foremost build their basic concepts and focus on the derivation of the every concept because if student know the origin of every concept than student can solve those question which is asked from the basics and can handle each and every tricky question.

It is important to solve 5-8 questions daily from the previous chapters that student has completed before because by doing that the concepts from previous chapters always remain in student mind and create more time to revise the remaining chapters.

How to prepare Physics for JEE Main 2019?

Generally, students think that physics is the toughest section and it can’t be prepared completely. This is because physics works on chain system and if your basic concepts from every chapter (from class 11 and 12) are not clear then student will not able to understand the chapters completely.

Try to work hard on class 11 and class 12 chapters and try to link one chapter from other, by self-linking student will be able to solve numerical in JEE main exam.

For the JEE Main Physics Preparation use DC Pandey 5 set of Books for Theory and Numerical practice. Student can also solve the level 1 exercise from the every chapter of Concept of Physics by HC Verma. Solve the previous year papers of IIT JEE advance for getting the best score in JEE Main 2019.

So, guys, these are some facts and strategies which student can use in your JEE Main Preparation and get 250 plus score in only 5-month preparation.

Topics after covering them JEE candidates can score 300+ in limited time frame

Every year around 12 lakh students appear for the JEE Main Exam. So, the competition gets very tough and only 2 lac students are able to qualify the exam. That’s why to score 300+ in JEE Main Exam is the mixture of hard work and smart work.

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All the interested aspirants who are appearing for the examination should have crystal clear concepts regarding any topic in their mind. Students should learn basic and important concepts thoroughly. For preparing the topics in depth, NCERT Books are the best study material that students must go through. Here you will get the complete details of topics after covering them candidates can score 300+. (more…)

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